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Siddens Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop is a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer.  We can take care of any transfers of firearms purchases from out of state dealers or Internet transactions.  All you have to do is inform the retailer that you wish to have your purchased shipped to us.  We will forward all of the needed documentation to the retailer to complete the transaction.

The firearm transfer fee is $25, which includes the NICS background check.

All Illinois state laws on firearm purchases apply to transfers from an out of state or Internet retailer, including FOID card requirements, age limits and waiting periods.  Waiting periods begin "when the buyer and seller reach the "agreement" to purchase the firearm".  The waiting period for all firearms transfers is now 72 hours.

The purchaser/transferee must come to the range and fill out the ATF 4473 form in person.  Siddens will initiate the background check when the firearm is received and logged into our possession. 
More information about Illinois firearms laws can be found at the Illinois State Police website
or by downloading the Acquiring or Transferring Firearms in Illinois pamphlet.

As always, feel free to call 498-6988 or email with your questions.