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10775 Buckhart Rd / Rochester, IL / 62563
(217) 498-6988
Safety is of the upmost importance in the range, and as such certain policies, prodcedures, and rules have been established to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.
Entering the Building
  • Firearms must be unloaded and in a case, range bag, manufacturer's original shipping box or other latchable or zipped case.  Paper sacks, gun socks, holsters, etc. are not acceptable. 
  • Illinois residents with a valid concealed carry license are welcome to carry their firearms on their person, however the firearm MUST remain concealed.  Non resident carry permit holders are not allowed to carry their firearms on their person in the  range.
  • Firearms must stay in their case (or concealed) while in the lobby area.  If you need to remove your firearm from its case, ask a staff member for permission.
In the Range
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while in the range.  No exceptions. 
  • Once the firearm is removed from its case, it needs to be on the shooting bench pointed downrange at all times.  Do not carry firearms back and forth between the shooting bench and the rear bench.  If you are shooting multiple guns, keep them all on the shooting bench.
  • All loading and unloading of firearms is to be done at the shooting bench.  Magazines may be loaded at the rear bench and carried to the shooting bench.
  • Firearms not currently in use need to be stowed in their case.  No firearms should be left sitting open on the rear bench.
  • If you have a jam, misfire or other malfunction, keep the firearm on the shooting bench and find a staff member.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the range.
  • You can download a full pdf copy of our range rules by clicking here.
Range Operation and Etiquette
  • When you arrive, sign your name in the steno book located near the cash register.  First time visitors will be required to fill out and sign the liability waiver.  You can download a pdf copy of the waiver by clicking here.  Set your gear on the floor or on the bag shelf, not on the glass counter.
  • We are primarily a handgun range.  Rimfire rifles and pistol caliber rifles/carbines are ok.  Acceptable centerfire ammunition will have a muzzle velocity not exceeding 2000 feet/sec.  Brass, steel and or aluminum cased ammunition is ok to use.  Handloaded ammunition is allowed, provided it is loaded to not exceed industry standard specifications for that caliber.  Steel core ammunition of any caliber, tracer, incendiary, etc. is not allowed.
  • It is appreciated that shooters sweep their spent brass, either forward into the range area or placed in the blue buckets.  You are also free to keep your brass, provided that it falls in or behind the shooting booth.
  • Centerfire rifles and shotguns cannot be used in this range.   If you bring a long case into the range, you will be asked what is in the case.  If you have any questions on firearms or ammunition approved for use in the range, please ask.
  • Targets are clipped to the target hanger with binder clips.  If you wish to shoot off of the bench or your children are going to shoot, inform a staff member before you enter the range so that the target hanger can be adjusted.  Shooting a binder clip, or shooting the hanger out of its trolley, may result in a $2.00 fine.
  • NO DRAWING FROM A HOLSTER without prior permission given from range staff.
  • NO RAPID FIRE without prior permission given from range staff.
  • Anyone observed shooting or behaving in an unsafe manner, or shooting a non-approved firearm, will be asked to leave.