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The Basic Pistol course teaches the knowledge and skills needed to safely handle and operate a pistol or handgun.  The class is structured for beginning shooters, to learn the fundementals of pistol shooting, however persons of all skill levels can learn something new.  This class satisfies 8 hours of the 16 hour requirement for the Illinois Conceal Carry license.  Students will cover the following topics:
  • Rules of handgun safety
  • Pistol/revolver parts and function
  • Ammunition parts and function
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Cleaning and storage
Students are required to pass a multiple choice exam to receive their class certificate.  You may bring your own firearm and ammunition, or range firearms and ammunition may be rented/purchased.  An FOID card is not required for this class.  The fee for this class is $125, which includes lunch and range fees (rental firearm and or ammunition is not included).  Additional information for this class can be downloaded by clicking here.

Basic Pistol classes are scheduled periodically throughout the year.  See the upcoming events section on our homepage for upcoming scheduled classes.  Please call 498-6988 or email for more information or to reserve a spot in a class.
Our staff instructors have numerous NRA certifications and over 50 years of combined experience in teaching all aspects of firearms safety and operation.

Jim Zick
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Metallic Cartridge and Shotshell
   Reloading Instructor
Illinois CCW Training and Certifications
James R. West
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
NRA Personal Protection in the Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
Illinois CCW Training and Certifications