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10775 Buckhart Rd / Rochester, IL / 62563
(217) 498-6988
Siddens Indoor Range features 6 shooting lanes, with a maximum distance of 75 feet.  Target operators are electric (no hand winching required), and can be set to any distance the shooter would like.

Each shooting booth is 46" wide with a 13" deep shooting bench.  Booths are 60" deep, providing ample room for shooters.  Each booth is separated by solid 6" walls.  A bench runs the length of the range area for shooters to keep their gear.  A rifle rest can be installed in any booth for sighting in scopes or for shooting from a sitting position with a sandbag or rest.

The lobby area provides a comfortable place to wait for a lane to become available.  Guests can also observe family or friends in the range, from the comfort of the lobby area.

Don't forget about the bow range.  It offers the same 75' distance for bow shooters, and can also be utilized for air rifles.