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Since the passing of Illinois' conceal carry law, Siddens Indoor Shooting Range & Gun Shop was one of the first establishments in the area to offer the Illinois Conceal Carry training.  This class is mandatory for anyone wishing to apply for an Illinois Conceal Carry License.  Our course instructors have created one of the most comprehensive conceal carry courses in the area.  Students will cover the following topics:
  • Illinois Conceal Carry Act (PUBLIC ACT 98-63, 430 ILCS 66)
  • Firearm Owners Identification Card Act (FOID ACT 430 ILCS 65)
  • Use of Force (720 ILCS 5/)
  • Personal Safety
  • Carrying/Presenting a Concealed Handgun
  • Defensive Firearm Training & Range Qualification*
The defensive firearm training portion covers both dry fire and live fire drills.*  Students will be required to pass the qualification shoot with a 70% score.  In addition, you must  be 100% safe and sufficiently skilled during the range training portion to meet the requirements of the course. Upon completion of this class, you will receive a certificate to allow you to apply for the Illinois Conceal Carry License.

Participants will need to bring the following equipment to take this class:
  1. Notepad and a pen or pencil for taking notes.
  2. Eye and ear protection (the range does have ear and eye protection available).
  3. A firearm in working condition.
  4. Extra magazines or speed loaders.
  5. A minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition.
  6. Strong side, outside the waistband holster.  Holster should be Kydex, leather or other similar material that retains it shape when the firearm is drawn.  No SERPA style or IWB sticky holsters will be allowed.
  7. Magazine or speed loader pouch or holster.
  8. Suitable belt to support the firearm and magazine holster.
  9. Jacket, vest or similar garment to use for drawing from concealment.
  10. A copy of your Basic Pistol class certificate or other documentation to certify 8 hours of previous training. Those with a military discharge need to bring a copy of your DD 214.
Our course instructors Jim West and Jim Zick, have over 50 years of combined experience, and both have multiple NRA teaching certifications. 

Note - This class alone DOES NOT automatically qualify you to apply for the Illinois Conceal Carry License.  This is an 8 credit hour class, and applicants must have a total of 16 hours of training.  You must be able to show documentation of prior training or allowable exemption in order to receive your certificate for this class.  Click here for the list of classes/training that fulfills these requirements.

Fee for this class is $125.00 and includes lunch and range time.  Watch the upcoming events section on the homepage for upcoming class schedules.  For more information, or to reserve your spot in an upcoming  class, call us at 498-6988 or email.  For additional information on Illinois' Conceal Carry Law, visit the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau Portal.

*The amount and depth of defensive handgun use and live fire training varies with the instructor.

Renewall classes will begin in October 2018.  The 3 hour class will cover updates to Illinois' CCW laws and criminal code, basic pistol refresher, and 30 round qualification.  Participants wll need to bring a firearm to qualify with, ear/eye protection and 50 rounds of ammunition.