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Gun Genie is our online inventory of handguns, rifles and shotguns.  You can search for your desired firearm and make your secure purchase online.  In addition to firearms, you can also shop for and purchase magazines and other accessories.

Ordering a firearm through our online store is easy and secure. Scroll down through this page to see how it works.  Or, click here to go directly to the online store.
Create an account and complete your secure purchase.  Existing customers can log in with their existing account information.  Your purchase will be shipped directly to us.
Click Gun Search to search for a particular firearm.  You can also view specials, new arrivals or other items.
Search our online inventory for the firearm you want.  You filter by caliber, price, type and by availability.  You can also enter the item number or search by particular keywords.
The results of the search parameters are displayed.  Click on the item that you wish to view.
The  selection is displayed.  List price displayed does not include shipping/fees or sales tax.

Type in the quantity and select Add To Shopping Cart to make your purchase.
Create your user account, if you are a new customer.  Returning customers can log in with their existing username and password.

Once your secure, online purchase has been completed, your firearm will be delivered directly to us.  Purchasers will need to complete form 4473 and get an approval from ISP.

Illinois law requires a 24 hour waiting period for long guns and a 72 hour waiting period for handguns.  The waiting period begins when you have made the  purchase.

With any online purchase through Gun Genie, you get one free hour of range time to try out your new firearm.  Click the link below to get started!