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New Guns:

Siddens Indoor Range & Gun Shop offers a selection of firearms at very reasonable prices.  Take advantage of the personal service as well as the lower sales tax.  Don't forget, every firearm purchase gets you a free hour of range time to try out your new firearm.
We also maintain an online inventory of firearms.  If you are looking for a particular firearm that we currently do not have in stock, go to the Gun Genie page to see our online inventory of firearms.
Make/Model: Charter Arms Undercover
Action:  DA/SA
Caliber:  38 SPL
Finish:  Blued
# of Mags - N/A
Capacity - 5
Safety:  N/A
Our price:  $362.00 + tax
Make/Model: Ruger MK III
Action:  SA
Caliber:  22LR
Finish:  Blued
# of Mags - 2
Capacity - 10+1
Safety:  Frame Safety
Our price:  $337.00 + tax
Make/Model:  Walther PPS M2
Action:  Striker
Caliber:  9x19
Finish:  Blued
# of Mags: - 2
Capacity:  7 + 1 & 8 + 1
Safety:  Trigger
Our price:  $360 + tax
Make/Model:  Springfield XDS
Action:  Striker
Caliber:  9x19
Finish:  Blued
# of Mags - 2
Capacity - 7+1 & 8+1
Safety:  Trigger and grip
Our price:  $434 + tax
Make/Model:  Ruger LC9s
Action:  Striker
Caliber:  9x19
Finish:  Blued
# of Mags - 1
Capacity - 7+1
Safety:  Trigger and thumb
Our price:  $270 + tax
Used Guns:

Make/Model:  Taurus TCP
Action:  DAO
Caliber:  380 ACP
Finish:  Polymer Pink
# of Mags - 2
Capacity: 6+1
Safety:  None
Our Price:  $195.00 + tax

This is one of our range rental guns. 
Make/Model:  Savage Arms Model II
Action:  Bolt
Caliber:  243 Win
Finish:  Blued
# of Mags - 1
Capacity - 4+1
Safety:  Thumb
Our price:  $350

Includes orignal box, literature, accessories & Bushnell 3x9-40 scope installed.