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10775 Buckhart Rd / Rochester, IL / 62563
(217) 498-6988
We carry a variety of the most popular pistol ammunition for range use.  You are always free to bring your own ammunition, however if you need ammunition for your visit, or if you want to replace what you shot, we can get you want you need. 

Current inventory of ammunition and pricing (brands, pricing and availability are subject to change.  Pricing listed does not include sales tax):

Fiocchi 25 Auto, 50Gr, FMJ, brass case, 50/box - $20.15

American Eagle 32 Auto, 71Gr, FMJ, brass case, 50/box - $20.15

American Eagle 380 Auto, 95Gr, FMJ, brass case, 50/box - $17.49

Fiocchi 9x19, 115Gr, FMJ, brass case, 50/box - $12.99

Fiocchi 9mm Makarov, 95Gr, FMJ brass case, 50/box - $26.00

PPU 38 Special, 130Gr, FMJ, brass case, 50/box - $18.99

Fiocchi 357 Magnum, 158Gr, FMJ, brass case, 50/box - $28.60

Blazer Brass 40 S&W, 180Gr, FMJ, brass case, 50/box - $15.99

GECO 45 ACP, 230Gr, FMJ, brass case, 50/box - $18.99

Aguila, 40Gr, LRN standard velocity, 50/box - $4.99

CCI 22LR, 40Gr, LRN standard velocity, 100/box - $11.99

We also carry other calibers of centerfire, rimfire and shotgun ammunition.  Please call 498-6988 or email for current pricing and availability.  NOTE:  OTC purchases of 22 ammunition is limited.