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10775 Buckhart Rd / Rochester, IL / 62563
(217) 498-6988
We offer a wide range of cleaning supplies, eye and ear protection, magazine loaders and  other accessories.
Uplula Magazine Loader, 9MM - 45ACP
Baby Uplula Loader, 22LR - 380ACP
Our Price:  $32.95 - $35.95 + tax

Hoppe's Bore Snakes
Several calibers available

Our Price:  $14.95 + tax

Full line of Pro-Shot cleaning products
Brushes, jags, bore mops, full cleaning kits, solvents & ready made kits available.

We are continually expanding our inventory of accessories.  Please call 498-6988 or email if you are looking for something in particular, or better yet, stop by to see what we currently have.  Don't forget to bring your guns and spend some time in the range.

Pricing, models, availability, etc. are subject to change.

Snap Caps - Various Calibers
Our Price:  $18.99 + tax

Walker's Patriot Series Electronic Earmuffs
Our Price: $42.99 + tax